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Sandy Tang. Shenzen, China

In ten years’ time my dream is to be rich and then I can do everything I want. 


I want to be an author and write some books. Writing makes me feel flowery. I write things about everything, from things happening in my life to the scenery around me. I’m always thinking about ideas and I stop whatever I’m doing and quickly jot them down. When I write it makes me feel like I’m flying, so I feel like I’m rich already. 


Sometimes I feel very lonely. Where I live now is very far from my hometown. And I’m single! I would like a boyfriend but I don’t have one! There are plenty of guys out there. I just have to find a suitable one for me! But in the meantime I focus on what makes me happy rather than what makes me sad. 


I like working. I do customer service here at the Wholesale Printing factory in Shenzen and I’ve worked here for two years. My previous jobs were quite boring but I love this job because I can talk to people and I have friends here. 

I love to smile. So it’s easy for me to make friends. When I talk to people I find it very easy to make them feel happy. When any of us are lonely or need anything we get together and help each other out. We care a lot about each other. My friends are so great.

Short Quotes


“I live in a city that is very far from my hometown and I don’t have a boyfriend”

Sandy, China


“Writing makes me feel flowery, just really good like I’m already rich”

Sandy, China


“When me or my friends are alone or in trouble or need help we get together”

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