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Slas. Auckland, NZ (Tigray, Ethiopoa)

Every year there is another problem from where I come from which is Tigray, Ethiopia.

I ended up in New Zealand by chance. My husband died so I’ve been raising our three children on my own. Life is good in New Zealand. I have a very nice life now. I’m so proud about this. Especially because it took me such a long time to get here, with all the paperwork. I still get sad, especially now that my husband isn’t around. But I have met so many nice people in my community. When I first got here I didn’t speak any English and neither did my children. It’s been hard but I know I have to do it. If I talk to people, I sometimes don’t know what to say, and they don’t know what I’m saying. So I ask for things and they can’t help me. But everyone is always kind. 


I had to learn how to drive when I got here. I never drove in my country. Unless you drive a taxi or a bus no one drives. We just walked everywhere. It’s very different in New Zealand. If you want to go anywhere it’s far away so I had no choice but to drive. I was so scared at first. But I learnt and now I drive and it has changed my life. Seriously. I’ve been driving for two years. 

I like driving. I feel so free. I have nice feelings. It feels amazing to think that I was driving, because back home I never would have believed it. My family back home asked me how I get around and when I told them I drive now they went “huh? How do you know how to drive?” The furthest I drive is to church on the North Shore. 


Today I start my new job, and I can drive! My family is here and they can babysit my kids while I’m working. I’m lucky to be here. I can’t believe it.

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