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At home with Sara & Chris for Stuff

At home with: Sara Orme and Chris Dudman

Inside the Parnell, Auckland, home of photographer Sara Orme and filmmaker/co-owner of Robber's Dog Films Chris Dudman, both 50.

SARA: Our friends thought we were mad when we sold our family home to move here. That was over a year ago – until then it was my photography studio. But if they spent a week here I think they'd get it.

Living in the suburbs once our children had moved out was a bit depressing for us, but living in this apartment with all the vibrancy around us makes us feel very much a part of something. It was an old chocolate factory, so it's got good bones.

Chris was a painter and I'm a photographer, so we have a personal interest in art. We've been collecting New Zealand artists for 20 years.

Our dog Poppy doesn't love it as much as our old house, but she's got used to this kind of living. My neighbour has a dog too, and they hang out together during the day, following the sun. We've got a tin roof, so you can hear the rain which, personally, Chris and I love. But it terrifies the dog.

We go to sleep with the sound of everybody in the restaurant downstairs, and we love it. It feels international. You feel like you're in a living city, living in this apartment.


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