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Panel Talk. Women in business

The new event for women in business fighting the good fight for equality

Idealog magazine. Being a panelist for women in business FULL ARTICLE HERE

The event will touch on the theme of pursuing goals to attain success. Girl Undiscovered’s Sara Orme says it’s something that particularly resonates with her. “Personally I have followed my arrow which spans over 30 years,” she explains. “It takes me through years of being a young mum, finishing my university degree, and starting out on my freelance/entrepreneurial life.

“I believe we’re a type, a tribe of women who often chooses a challenging but ultimately fulfilling path. Our arrows can be strong, confident and fire in a straight line but it can also waiver, feeling heavy and unable to fire. My career has certainly been a mix of highs and lows, and it is all of this that gives me the strength of who I am today as well as the power to fuel a rewarding entrepreneurial life. I can’t wait to share my journey. The easy bits and the hard bits and hope to inspire women out there who have taken the plunge to follow their arrows.”

Sara Orme.


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