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  • sara388

Herstory Project

Herstory (2018 - ) makes women’s experience visible.

Herstory grew out of Real Girl, a platform I created for Girl Undiscovered 5 years ago, that reveals the strengths and vulnerabilities of a girls own story beyond how she looks.

While stories like this a more mainstream these days it was quite revolutionary for a skincare brand at the time to provide a platform that validates the idea that skincare should create an experience of feeling good. It is based around the idea that there is more to girls than how they look but what they have to say about life, their life, has its own power.

Herstory has since become a personal project which is based on portrait photography and interviews that dig a little beyond the surface to find small extraordinary moments that make each and everyone of us special.

Hersory is a collaborative's awakening for my subjects and myself; a process of discovery, empowerment and liberation for both of us.

Extraordinary in their ordinariness, each woman’s story, no matter how big or small, is unique.

Together we discover our vulnerabilities and strengths… And the spirit of our thoughts and feelings are powered into a single image.


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