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Sara Orme, Co-Founder of Girl Undiscovered talks about beauty

This Inspiring Platform Celebrates What MakesWomen Feel Beautiful

Thanks to filters, airbrushing, and other photo-enhancing tools, our vision of so-called “real

women” is often skewed. But it’s not all FaceTuning and Photoshopping. Somewhere between the

natural beauty trend and #NoFilter movement is New Zealand-based skincare brand, Girl

Undiscovered, and its dedication to real women across the globe.

“From day one, Girl Undiscovered wanted to be more than just another natural skincare brand. We

wanted to create a brand and products that inspire females to celebrate their undiscovered best

selves,” says Sara Orme, the brand’s co-founder, photographer, and creative director. Through this

mission, Orme and the rest of the Girl Undiscovered team cultivated a space that would serve the

company’s aspirations, while also inspiring women everywhere to be their most real selves. As a

result, its Real Girl platform was born. The blog-like space features individual women and their

inspiring stories from across the globe.

With a focus on redefining beauty, Real Girl exists to showcase women from all walks of life in

hopes of driving a sense of connection and unity. “Real Girl grew out of a personal passion to

celebrate those aspects of being and living life to the full. After photographing thousands of

women, it’s clear that beauty is from the energy within,” Orme says of the project.


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