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Women's Work Exhibition-Herstory-

Women’s Work photography exhibition

The work of 21 photographers is on display in a new photography exhibitionWomen’s Work to coincide with International Women’s Day.Women’s Workfeatures 41 images from women photographers from the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association (AIPA), includingVivacontributor Mara Sommer, Sara Orme and AIPA vice-president Victoria Baldwin. The exhibition is an opportunity to take a break from the ubiquitous male perspective and experience the world through a female lens, says Victoria. As well as the exhibition, a free panel discussion will address the topic of gender imbalance in the photography industry onSunday March 8, at 11am. Register 6-9.Ellen Melville Centre, Cnr High St & Freyberg Place


Proud to be working alongside 21 great female photographers for the first #womenswork exhibition in conjunction with international womens day.

Ellas Story (pictured here) is part of Herstory series. Herstory (2018 - ) makes women’s experience visible.

It’s a collaborative process... An awakening for my subjects and myself; a process of discovery, empowerment and liberation for both of us.

Extraordinary in their ordinariness, each woman’s story, no matter how big or small, is unique.

Together we discover our vulnerabilities and strengths… And the spirit of our thoughts and feelings are powered into a single image.

You can view more of Herstory Here


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